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Баш Пехливан 2009, 2010
D : 27/06/1986 ~ Ö :

He was born on June 27, 1986 in Karaöz town of Antalya's Aksu district. He began wrestling career in 1994. He stated that the purpose of starting the wrestling is to take his grandfather, Yeşil Wrestler’s     (an old wrestler) place and to keep alive his memory. In 2006, he became heavyweight and European champion in youth freestyle. Also, he got third place in world campionship.

The first time he came to Edirne in 1995 for Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling but he was unable to wrestle as he didn’t complete the age of 10. He got the first medal with the second degree at encouring category in 1999. He got second place at very windy category in 2001, second place at deck small category in 2002, second place at deck big category in 2004 and first place at small middle big category in 2005. He has began to wrestler at head wrestler category since 2007. He became the head wrestler in 2009 and 2010 and got third place at head wrestler category in 2012. He got third place at head wrestler category in 2013 as a result of the ranking made by Turkey Wrestling Federation because of the detection of banned substances in some winning wrestlers.

The license number of Yeşil, 115 kilos in weight and 1.78 cm in length, is 06-3153. He has already continued his wrestling career in  Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club. After he graduated from Mehmet Bey University Phsycal Education Teacher Department, he has served as phsycal education teacher in Isparta Senirkent Büyük Kabaca Secondary School since 2011. He declares that his next target is to win golden belt again in Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling.

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