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Carrying Oil


The wrestlers get well oiled up before starting to wrestle and this is the most distinguishing feature of Kırkpınar Wrestlings. A Kırkpınar wrestling without oiling is unthinkable. It is necessary to exert more power in order to keep and grasp the opponent in oily wrestlings. Therefore, the skill and motivation is very important in oil wrestlings.The wrestlers can get oil anytime they want from the persons carrying oil around the field.

When Kırkpınar is set up, at one side of the quadrangular grassy field a huge black biler is put near the dressing rooms of the wrestlers. The wrestlers first go to this boiler and a corps of Greasers doused each contestant body.

Besides the greasers who are responsible from installing the huge black boilers and greasing, there are persons carrying oil in their hands around the field and giving oil to the wrestlers when oil is dried. This can not be without the permission of the opponent. A wrestler who feels that his opponent rests, pretending to get oiled, has the right to invite him to wrestling by pulling the belt pullery of his tights.

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