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Seyfettin SELİM

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D : 01/08/1967 ~ Ö :

Seyfettin Selim, the founder and director of Selim Construction, Food, Industry and Trade Limited Company, was born as the child of a family that depends on farming at Yeşilova village of Kaynarca district, Sakarya in August 1, 1967. When he was very young, he started working as laborers and increased his experience and knowledge by serving as foreman, master-builder and subcontracted worker in this sector. He is currently working as a contractor. He established this limited company on May 7, 1997 thanks to his enterprising and industrious personality and accelerated his working in construction sector. He was involved in many projects that are cornerstones of Turkish industrial development in a short time. Seyfettin Selim is still chairman and member of executive board, managing member of many establisments. He has been member of Hadımköy Confederation of Businesmen and Industrialists (HASİAD) since 1997 and at the same time, he also affiliated with Anatolian Lions Businessmen Association in 2013 (ASKON). He has gone on to serve as businessman to increase commercial, economic and labor potential of our country. Moreover, he has given the financial and moral support in the development of sports in our country. He has contributed to the development of Turkish sports by serving as Kırkpınar Aga, wrestling and kickbox sponsorship for five years between the dates of 2008-2013 in addition to playing football. Seyfettin Selim has been Kırkpınar Aga for longest time throughout the history of Republic. He has been sustained this task for 5 consecutive years. He took back the right to become Aga of 654. Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling in 2015 at the auction in 653. Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival held in 2014 . He contributed to education of the country by getting four schools built with his own means in Kaynarca district of Sakarya such as Industrial Vocational High School, Seyfettin Selim Kulaklı Elemantary School, Seyfettin Selim Vocational School of Higher Education, Seyfettin Selim Applied Sciences Faculty. He continues to support many educational institutions, social aid foundations and associations. He also indicate that he will continue this support for the development and survival of our historic wrestling sports tradition including Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling first.


T.C. EDİRNE BELEDİYE BAŞKANLIĞI - Kırkpınar Yağlı Güreşleri Festivali Bilgi ve Dokümantasyon Mrk.
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