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Peşrev is persian word. In wrestling terminology, it is warming and physical fitness movements in order to satisfy the spectator and rise morale of wrestler before the wrestling. In the dictionary of the Turkish Language Institutions, it is described as a show made by the wrestlers by banging their hands together and hitting their hands on thighs with jumping-like on the grass before the wrestling.

After the wrestlers are called to the wrestling field, they are ranked towards the Qibla. Cazgır (announcer) starts to read “Salavat”. After cazgır says “ye, oh great wrestlers”, the wrestlers go out on the wrestling field. The wrestlers kneel down on their left knees and touch first the ground, the lips and the forehand with the right hand. After this, they skip accross the field in lines, about a dozen at a time, slapping their knees and jumping as they move forward.

They repeats this action three times. During several walks up and down the field, the wrestlers put each other in the back, hold their opponent’s neck. Each faces of against his designated opponent and start to wrestle .

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