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Mayor 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
D : 03/05/1947 ~ Ö :

 He was born in Edirne on May 3, 1947. He completed primary school education in Fevzipaşa Primary School and his high school education in Edirne Trade High School. Varnatopu who went to İstanbul for university education, graduated from İstanbul University  the Economics and Commercial Sciences Academy.

Cengiz Varnatopu who went into business in Edirne, also became interested in politics. He served as provincial and district head of Motherland Party (ANAP). He performed the duty of Edirne Municipality Councillor for a period. In local elections held on 1999, he was selected as Mayor of Edirne from ANAP (Motherland Party). He carried out lots of projects in his mayoral term.

He did lots of changes for international and national promotion of Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling. He provided that Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling were celebrated with the events for two weeks in his period.

Cengiz Varnatopu, married and having two daughter, died on December 8, 2005 because of his terminal illness when he was 58 years old in Trakya University Hospital in which he received treatment.

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